Dates and Facts

I just celebrated my birthday 2 days ago in New Orleans, LA. It was a fun drive from Kentucky to Louisiana. We also drove along the Gulf of Mexico through Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. As a girl born and raised in the north, palm trees really excited me in the south! Now you know why I haven't been updating my website. Before I left, I was playing with dates and time functions on MySQL since my birthday was coming up.

I gathered the birthdays of my boyfriend and my besties. I also did some calculations based on the birth dates. Here are some interesting facts.

1. Day of Birth

I was born on a Tuesday and my boyfriend was born on a Saturday back in the early 90s. 

2.  Day of Year

I was born on the 324th day of the year and my boyfriend was only 4 days ahead of me. That is right! We celebrate our birthdays together. Thank you, Jesus!

3. Days Alive

Until today November 22, I've been alive for 9864 days and aha my boyfriend is actually 361 days younger than me. Jennifer here is the oldest (Yes, it is Jennifer Lawrence).

4. 1 Month After Birth Date and Year

Exactly one month old after my birth. Not so interesting but good to know. 

Moreover, I can create Tweets and store them in a database with the time when the tweet is created. To celebrate my handsome cats, I created tweets for them on MySQL. 

This allows us to collect the date and the time each tweet was created. A great way to keep everything in a database for future reference. 

Moreover, if you want to find the current time, there are several options. 

Finding Current Time 

For instance, if I just want to know today's date and time I can choose the last option from above. 

Here are some codes used to get the results above. 


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