Lusi Yang

Lusi lives in both America and Canada. She graduated from Queen's University with her economics (2013) and statistics (2016) degrees. She graduated again this year with her Masters in Biostatistics (2017) from the University of Toronto. As a statistician, she has worked with data in economics, genetics, finance, and astrophysics. Her most recent professional experience is working at the The Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute where she did genetic research. Her supervisor was Dr. Shelley Bull. After graduation, she continues to work on statistical, computing, and web development projects. She is very passionate about these projects because she believes that her results will be useful for others.

Rose Garrett

Rose is an amazing statistician. She has a degree in evolutionary biology with a solid background in statistics. She also has a degree in biostatistics with an almost perfect graduating GPA. She is a great R and SAS programmer. Her knowledge in statistics and her coding skills are impeccable. Her supervisor at the University of Toronto is Dr. Lei Sun. Together they have completed many statistical projects, especially with data clustering. She is currently studying mathematical statistics at the University of Toronto. 

Fiona Xin

Fiona is a professional biostatistician. She finished her undergraduate study majoring in statistics and finance in Xiamen University, China. Recently she have completed her graduate study specializing in biostatistics in University of Toronto, during which time she was mainly focusing on the application of Cox PH model in detecting the association between tenofovir and chronic kidney disease among HIV positive population under the supervision of Dr. Janet Raboud. She is proficient in SAS programming and has conducted many projects in the field of public health and epidemiology.